Hawaii Process Service

Company Policies and Guarantees:

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We agree to make up to three attempts at an address provided by the customer. (One Address)

If there is a time deadline and the last day to serve has past we reserve the right to close out the job

even if we have made less than three attempts as long as we have made the attempt(s) within the time frame requested. For example: If the customer hires us to serve a notice on a routine basis four days prior to the last day to serve then there is the possibility of only having one attempt. Routine attempts are made within 72 hours of receipt and one attempt per 72 hours up to three. We do not guarantee service attempts to be more than every 72 hours for routine service fees.

We do not guarantee a successful outcome. The address provided may have a locked gate where the server cannot legally pass. We do not guarantee correct addresses discovered during a skip trace investigation.

We will provide you with a report of each attempt made including the date, time, name of process server and outcome.

We cannot guarantee successful service if the address you provide is an address where the servee is not located or if the Servee evades service or no one is home.  We cannot force an individual to open the door or to be cooperative.

Prices indicated on our website are charged for each person/entity served or attempted to be served. This means if the customer hires our company to deliver a notice and the address is not valid or is not a good address, the customer will be charged for the bad address for each Defendant or Servee.

The charges indicated on each city page is charged regardless of specific outcome.