Questions and Answers

How many attempts will you make?

Answer: We will make up to 3 attempts at one address. We do not guarantee that the subject or entity can be served at the address we attempt service at. We must determine if the subject can be served at the time of service. This is determined by Hawaii Civil ProcedureSometimes we get addresses from the customer that are old. We do offer skip trace services for an additional fee.

What is a skip Trace?

Answer: Skip trace means locate persons. Our skip trace services are not guaranteed. We purchase the information from a company that sells credit bureau data, utilities information, DMV, Public information found on government databases such as Secretary of State, Business licensing agencies, etc. Some of the information has errors. Our Process Server license allows us access to both public and non-public databases. We also can provide Postal Forwarding Services.

How much do we charge for additional Defendants/Witnesses at the same address ?

Answer: We charge full price for the first two entities/persons being served. If there are more than two then we will charge 1/2 the price listed on the city page (If they are served at the same time or within 10 minutes). If we have to wait longer than 10 minutes then we will charge full price. To view the price of service at a specific city, move your mouse over an island and click on the city of your choice. You should see your city listed in the drop down menu.

Is there any interest charged for paying late? 

We charge 1.5% per month for invoices not paid within 30 days. There is a minimum charge of $2.50 per month charged to the customer if terms are granted. Generally speaking our company requires prepayment.

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