Hawaii Process Service

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Need to find a local Hawaii Process Server or process serving company in Hawaii? Hawaii Process Service has Process Servers in Hawaii that effect service of process.

A Hawaii Process Server is a person that delivers legal documents to person and/or companies that need to be officially notified of a particular court case, motion, judgment, etc. When a Hawaii Process Server effects service of process upon a company, the Process Server at Hawaii Process Service attempts to serve the "Agent for Service" of the company. An Agent for service of process can usually be found by conducting searches on the Secretary of State website. 

A Hawaii Process Server must be at least 18 years old and not a party to the action or case. Service of Process becomes effective when the legal documents have been delivered to a person's home or work address. Some documents must be personally served and some can be delivered to a member of the subject's household. a Hawaii Process Server must follow "Hawaii Civil Procedures " See page for further details about requirements for serving legal documents in Hawaii. Call Hawaii Process Service for all of your Hawaii process server needs today at 808-557-5615

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